Miami Beach Termite Control & Extermination

Termites can be an extremely irritating pest to deal with because oftentimes they will go unnoticed for extended periods of time, causing expensive damages right under your nose for years. The best way to avoid this? Have a termite inspection performed regularly; even if you don’t notice any signs of them. They can damage your structure quickly and the larger the invasion, the harder it can be to completely eliminate them.

Drywood termites are a common pest issue in Miami Beach and will destroy anything in their way. They prefer the foundation, roof beams, studs, around window and door frames, inside wooden furniture, cabinets, and even in your walls to hide and reproduce.

Subterranean termites typically live in colonies that consist of several thousand per colony. However, they won’t build their homes inside your structure, rather just outside the home’s exterior in the ground, close enough to create tubes to your structure to travel unseen.

Many times we start to get calls about termites when they start swarming. It’s hard to miss such an event because they’re typically in large numbers and rather thick, swarming around your structure, making it hard not to notice them.

In addition, people may not notice the swarm but will discover the wings left behind after a swarm around their doors and/or windows.

Don’t wait until your structure has been damaged or a significant infestation is present; call (786) 420-6657 today to learn more about our termite inspections. They’re well worth it to be sure your investment is protected and safe from these damaging, unwanted pests.