Miami Beach Roach Extermination

Cockroaches are likely one of the most hated pests of all pests known to Miami Beach, Florida. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean they’ve packed up and left the area; quite the opposite actually.

Did you know that cockroaches can squeeze into an opening the size of a 1/16 inch? That’s about the thickness of a penny. If you’ve noticed just one cockroach, there are likely several others still hiding elsewhere that have yet to make an appearance. They can get behind the walls and under cabinets, furniture, appliances, etc.

Cockroaches can carry diseases because they will crawl across any surface, including decay and filth (animal and human waste, etc.) and then infect your home or business.

Common Cockroaches in Miami Beach, Florida

The most common cockroaches in the area include the German, American, Australian (also referred to as Palmetto Bugs) and the Smokey Brown cockroach.

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Don’t let these filthy pests infest your property; call us at the first sign of cockroaches in your property!

American cockroaches can range in size, 1-2 inches in length and can survive up to 2 years. These are also the roaches that fly around. Australian cockroaches are around 1.5 inches long and many people call them Palmetto Bugs. They prefer to eat plants so they’re common to see around properties with flower gardens and greenhouses.

German cockroaches are about 1/2 an inch long and like a warmer, more humid environment; kitchens seem to be a favorite spot for these pests. The Smokey Brown cockroach is the largest of them all; 2 inches in length. These are typically only an issue outside but it is possible for them to find their way inside your property in search of water and/or food.

If you’re dealing with cockroaches don’t worry. We’ll come out and inspect (if you aren’t sure what kind they are) and then choose the treatment that will work best for your particular situation. Not all cockroach types can be treated in the same fashion which is why identifying the cockroach type first is important so we can treat appropriately.

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